A funny thing happened to me on the way to the plane …

My ticket said US Airways, but when I get to the counter the folks there said my flight as being handled by United. That wouldn’t have been a problem, except for two things:
1) I was already really, really late getting into Terminal 4 for US Airways
2) United was in Terminal 2

Now, for people not familiar with Sky Harbor Airport, Terminal 2 is about a mile away from Terminal 4.

By the time I got through the line to figure out I was in the wrong place, Sarah was nearly home from dropping me off.

Luckily there’s a really good bus system there and I was down at Terminal 2 with enough time to check my bag and get my boarding pass to make it on to my flight in time!

However, my flight was delayed.

“Sorry, sir. Our flight is running late.”

“That’s fine. So am I.” :D

And so it was a nice case of hurry up and wait. :-)

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