Working on the roof

IMG_0159We’re starting on the roof today.

Here you can see where the tree hit the roof, which then made it leak, which then damaged the walls. It’s been nearly ten years since the cyclone came through here and did this damage.

This is the only bad side, though, the other side of the house is in really good condition.

It’s a clear day, which is good for repairing a roof. Well, replacing in its entirety is the more accurate description of what we’re doing. Anyway, no rain today, but that makes it very hot (on top of the already high humidity).

It’s been quit the project to get this all fixed. Aside from the damage to the roof, the subsequent water damage to the floor and walls, and the bee hive, getting materials here is a project unto itself. Only 20-foot and 30-foot boats go between the main island and Bau Island. So, the materials have to be picked up, driven to the landing, and shipped over (hopefully in one trip). Luckily the boat can go right up to near the house.


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