swimming in the Ocean … and not drawning

IMG_0115 This is the island of Bau, and to the left of it you can barely see a palm tree just off the island a bit. That tree is on it’s own tiny island. Any by tiny, I mean it’s like the surface area of a living room floor, but with a palm tree.

Anyway, the tree island is directly out from our family property about 200 yards, and my dad told me a story about how he used to swim to that island. So I thought I’d give it a go.

For this trip I was going to take it easy. I used a snorkel so all I had to do was float face down and swim slowly forward.

As I was swimming I started thinking about how I didn’t really tell anyone that I was going swimming, and even if I did I was still all by myself.

It was going very well, and then about half way I started breathing a little faster (as one does while exerting oneself). And the poorly designed flap on the tip of my snorkel start to close on me when I breathed in. Now, you may not be family with snorkels and their anti-splash devices, but you’re probably familiar with breathing. And breathing in is fairly important.

I’m not one to panic, and I quickly realized that I need to slow down my breathing and stay afloat. The snorkel kept failing me, and thus my system for easy swimming. So I stopped using the snorkel and just tried to take easy strokes back to the shore. After stoic determination (and okay, a bit of panic). I made it to a point where I could stand. Thank goodness.

I was exhausted, though. My whole upper body felt like it just spent an hour in the gym.

What was supposed to be an easy swim turned into a very difficult swim, but I’m still alive. :-)

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