Quick Update

Things are going great. The new roof is on, and the kitchen and bathroom have come a long way.

The last two nights I’ve been hanging out with the village elders drinking kava.

There weather has been great. And the fish have been tasty.

Today I walked around the island with the father of the host family I’m with. I should explain that they look after my aunt, and so we go over there for meals and they’ve been taking care of me while I’m here.

Anyway, we walked around the island together and it was great to see the other side of Bau.

I’m on the east side, if you’re wondering; I hadn’t been to the west side yet.

Now, in the center of the island there is this tall hill and on top of the hill is a mausoleum. You can see it from almost anywhere on the island, and it’s incredible and ominous. It’s like something out of the TV show LOST.

I’ll post pictures later.

Oh, and I found out today that every house in Fiji has a name. My house’s name is Warucu. :-)


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