The Martian

I read this book over the weekend, and I’m excited for the movie.

martian-tifrss0009frnleft-1001rrgbNow, I should admit that (before I read the book) I was disappointed that Matt Damon was playing the lead role — a NASA scientist who got stranded on a planet — just a year after the movie Interstellar … where he played a NASA scientist who got stranded on a planet.

No matter how different you might think the two movies are from each other, the fact remains that the character’s circumstances (and wardrobe) are nearly identical in both movies.

So why not get another actor? I mean, avoiding him for The Martian, in the wake of Interstellar, seems very logical.

However, just after reading one chapter of the book, I could easily see how Matt Damon was the perfect choice for this movie.

As for the book, wonderfully scientific in an almost MacGyver kind of way. My only criticism is the swearing. There’s a fair amount of it, and all pointless. This would be the perfect book for a science-loving kid if it weren’t for the darn language.

So there you have it — Good Will Hunting meets Apollo 13.

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