From Nadi to Suva

The airport on Fiji is on the other side of the island from the capital, Suva, and from where I’m staying, Cautata Village and Bau Island.

Upon landing, there are three things that you’ll notice:

  1. Humidity (especially if you’re from Arizona)
  2. Casual Friday through Friday
  3. Friendly people

I’ve heard many times about how friendly the people in Fiji are, but it’s not like the usual welcoming hospitality. Instead, it’s the reality that everyone you meet is glad to see you. So much so that you’re not sure if they already know you and you were really good friends at one time. Either way, their genuinely excited that you came to Fiji.

So, driving along the Queens Road (Nadi to Suva), I passed a lot of bus stops or people just walking, and every time they saw me I got a huge smile and a very enthusiastic “Bula!” Granted, their smiles are huge anyway, so they might just be grinning slightly and it looks giant to everyone else, but I doubt it. :-)

While driving we only stopped once for lunch and a wonderful road-side stand that makes everything fresh.It’s in one of the photos below.

Russi, who sat in the back, came with my cousin to pick me up. It’s a 3-hour drive, so Russi was there just to to keep my cousin company on the first part of the trip.

Pictured below is the sunrise as it came up over the sugar cane fields right after we left Nadi.





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