I’ve made a very important scientific discovery.

As many people know, Fijians are very laid back and easy going, and all of the children mind their parents. I think there’s an explanation for this.

See, here the lines on the road (if there are any) are taken more as gentle suggestions than boundaries meant to keep people safe.

IMG_0355What’s even crazier are the buses in which all of the students use to go home from school. In Nausori, a large town near where I’m staying, the kids all take city buses to get home. Children from all over town make it to this one big bus stop area that is like a giant empty lot, usually muddy. There’s no marked areas for either buses or people. And students just walk in between buses whose drivers aren’t really looking for them. Buses pull in and then back up with no way to see behind them.

I’ve therefor concluded that everyone in Fiji is laid back, easy going, and mindful to their parents through pure natural selection.

There used to be tons of hyper, disobedient children here … probably.

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